December 15, 2015

Got up at 3:00 am to do Pranayama. After Geetaji’s teaching I am feeling more inspired than ever. I did my final packing and was picked up by the Shirodkars at 5:45 am and this time had to say ‘Goodbye’.
Joined a bunch of students at Pune Airport on their way to Bangalore. They were from several European countries and were on their way to Guruji’s birthplace; I missed out on this as I had already booked my tickets for India before the trip to Bellur had been announced. I flew from Pune to Delhi and changed for the flight to Frankfurt.
I arrived in Frankfurt in the early evening – quite a contrast between India and Germany!! Enjoyed a spicy pasta dinner and settled into my room.
After doing my morning practices, I went to check in for my flight. Very convenient as the hotel is actually in the airport. I took off around Noon and thanks to the time difference was actually in the house with Paul and the cats around 3:00 pm. Paul met me at the airport and I must say that although I had a great time in so many ways, it was really good to be back home.

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