December 14, 2015

Had an early start this morning with another trip to Vaishali; got there at 8:30 am. Because a couple of the graduates of the class of 2015 were at the Intensive, I and two other faculty members, Jito and Victoria decided to have a mini graduation ceremony in Pune and what better location than Vaishali?? The two graduates Ruchi and Theresa shared how much the two year program at iyisf had changed their lives and myself and the two other faculty members said something.
From there, I had to make a trip to RIMYI. Apart from registering on the first day, I had not been to the Institute. I needed to place an order for some CD’s and I spent a little time soaking up the vibration of the place, recognizing I would be leaving the following day. Today I had a very nice rickshaw driver. He took me from the hotel to the restaurant, waited for me, took me to the Institute and then back to the hotel.

There was a nice coffee place in the lobby of the hotel and I met the Shirodkars and my friend Liina from Helsinki there. We enjoyed a short visit before getting ready to go to Guruji’s birthday event.
It began at 6:00 pm at Govinda Gardens which is close to the Institute. Upon arrival there we were able to pick up the DVD’s covering the whole intensive. I’m looking forward to looking at them; I know I picked up a lot but also missed a lot.
The program began with Rajvi Metha thanking everyone for being there (2,000 in attendance) and explaining the format for the evening. She expressed the enormous role that Guruji had played in her life. Various long time teachers from around the world shared their personal experiences with Guruji which gave all present quite a bit of insight into his big life. Prashantji was the last one to speak and as to be expected gave a unique perspective on his father and his life as a supreme teacher and us his students who did not deserve to have a teacher of that caliber.
After the talks, Prasad was offered but I had to leave as I had an early flight the next day and the Shirodkars were waiting for me. Needless, the event went on much longer than scheduled. Got back to my hotel room and shared some snacks and Italian beer with my Shirodkars. We obviously did not want to say ‘Goodbye’ but I did have one more chance to see them as they were taking me to the airport.


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