December 12, 2015
– Supta Swastikasana
– Supta Baddha Konasana
– Supta Virasana
– Upa Vista Konasana
– Upa Vista Konasana with right leg bent then take left on top for open Padmasana – baddanguliasana on each side;
– Reverse the process for the leg position and repeat the work in the arms
– Padmasana – first side – lie back on foams – arms in baddanguliasana on each side; release arms and stretch them overhead with arms spread wide
– Repeat on second Padmasana side
– Uttanasana – feet spread
– Sirsasana – no variations
– Sarvangasana – spent some time in Halasana emphasizing weight on tops of shoulders and then Sarvangasana
– Setu Bandha – supported on two foams and four blankets.
When I call the class ‘rigorous’ it is not in the obvious way. It was more mentally rigorous making the mind sharp for Pranayama. There are these restorative sessions when it is easy to fall into a tamasic state – NOT the case with Geetaji.

Began the session with flat Savasana with weight on the leg; she gave many great points to encourage relaxation with an emphasis on keeping naval quiet and broad.

Moved to seated Pranayama
Cycles covered:
– Ujjayi
– Antara Kumbhaka
– Anuloma
– Pratiloma

Experiences in Teaching Iyengar Yoga
The session began with Rajvi Metha sharing some of her stories about taking yoga into areas where it may not be readily accepted. She talked about the fact that it was Guruji who pointed out that if they wanted to be successful it may be a good idea not to go with shorts and a t-shirt but to do their best to fit in.
Manouso Manos shared a story about taking yoga into a high security prison. Listening to these stories gives us an idea about how far reaching the effects of Iyengar Yoga really are. It is easy to think of yoga as something practiced by middle class people who can afford it. I myself am interested in getting yoga to a wider audience and was somewhat successful offering a Community Class at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco for many years.
Enjoyed my own company at the hotel in the evening.

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