December 13, 2015
She began the class with a description of the challenges faced in the practice of Pranayama by Guruji in his early days. Partly because of exhaustion from cycling around Pune he could not sustain a practice; he received major support from his wife. She said that Pranayama should be taken up by those who have a good asana practice particularly Inversions and capacity for relaxation.
– Bahya Viloma
– Bahya Abhyantara Viloma
– Mahamudra
– Savasana

Second Session
– Surya Bhedana
– Chandra Bhedana
– Preparation for Dhyana

We sat in Virasana for a period with guidance on postural aspects.
Geetaji expressed to us that the last three limbs of Ashtanga Yoga cannot be taught. Our capacity to do it depends first of all on incorporating the precepts into our lives. That will allow us to approach the Asana and Pranayama in a more integrated manner.
She compared the physical body to a car.
For the car to be useful, there has to be a seat inside. Then the seat itself has to be corrected adjusted in terms of height, firmness, etc. In a similar manner the body has to be fit for meditation.
The Intensive closed with much applause for Geetaji and the many others who made it is possible.
There were a large number of volunteers – teachers taking care of individual problems on the floor; teachers demonstrating on the stage; those who prepared the prop kits; did registration and many more. I am grateful to Geetaji in particular for sharing her wisdom but also to all the others who contributed.

After class I went to the Vaishali and had a Masala Dosa – generally I frequent this place regularly but because of the full schedule, I had not been able to visit until now; the experience was worth waiting for – DELICIOUS!!!

Talking about delicious, in the evening paid a visit to the Shirodkar family; I took my friends Melanie, Ruchi and Theresa along.
It was a lovely visit. Sunil’s mother is 97 years old and was happy that one of my friends could converse with her in Hindi – really brightened her up. Shubhangi offered us a real treat with a wide array of delicious flavors.
Went back to the hotel and started looking at my suitcase and the stuff that was supposed to fit inside!




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