December 11, 2015
– Adho Mukha Svanasana
– Uttanasana
– Parsva Uttanasana to right
– Uttanasana
– Parsva Uttanasana to left
– Uttanasana holding ankles and drawing the torso towards the legs
– Parrivrta Trikonasana – same pose with block by inner foot; then classical pose.
– Parrivrta Parsvakonasana – did it the same way as the previous pose
– Parrivrta Janu Sirsasana
– Parrivrta Upa Vista Konasana
– Parrivrta Janu Sirsasana
– Marichyasana 3 x 2
– Ardha Matsyendrasana x 2
– Supta Padangusthasana 1 to 2
– Savasana

This was a strong twisting class with much emphasis on elongating the spine. In the standing twists by placing the block inside the foot, we had the space to open the chest and tried to reproduce the experience in the classical version. One instruction she repeated was softening the lower side of the torso which helped to get more access to the turn.
In the seated twists we continued to emphasize the lift of the chest searching for the space. I have not done all of these seated twists together for a while and I will certainly be doing this sequence again.
After squeezing the inner organs the lateral Supta Padangusthasana felt DIVINE!!


We began with Savasana over two foams and a blanket. Geetaji has the perfect voice for teaching yoga in general but particularly good for Pranayama in my opinion. She explained that Pranayama is an expression from the inside and not a breathing exercise as such. Although we have been exposed to this concept a lot I feel that I got a deeper understanding of it this time. There was more time spent not just on doing Pranayama but she also lectured fairly extensively on how important it is to be prepared. She gave an example of someone who saw that Guruji wrote that Nadi Shodhana was good for reducing Blood Pressure but didn’t get the result he expected. Geetaji said that the Nadis have to be open for this to happen probably part of the reason that we focused on Anuloma and Pratiloma so much.

Afternoon Event
Today we had Q&A with Geetaji
Students mainly asked questions about physical problems they were experiencing and I have to say her eye is exceptional. She plugs into the source of the problem almost immediately and comes up with ways to address it that practical and effective. It is quite impressive to witness how habits of the body can be changed very quickly with her expertise. I hope those who were lucky to receive such effective solutions to their problems will continue to practice daily what she offered so they can get a permanent benefit.

I spent the evening in the restaurant on the 24th floor of the hotel. It is called Paasha; the food is delicious and we paid San Francisco prices. In the photo you can see me and my friends having a good time – Deborah from Rio de Janeiro, Gary from Sacramento, Geraldine from Nevada City and Tim from San Rafael.
It is nice to have the chance to connect with friends from far and near.

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