December 10, 2015
– Pashimanamaskarasana
– same pose head back
– Pashimabaddanguliasana
– same pose head back
Gomukasana – head back
– Parsvottanasana – upright head back
– Uttanasana – concave back; gradually moved feet further and further away until we came to Prasarita Padottanasana – observing that when the feet were spread further it was easier to move the tail bone in.
– Salabhasana – one leg at a time; then both legs first legs apart and then together; with the legs apart easier to get tail bone action. Do not lift the legs high up – rather encourage length of the legs so the calf muscles remain softer.
– Salabhasana – arms in pashimabaddanguliasana
– Bhujangasana
– Danurasana – one leg at a time; then both legs x 3
– Prone Natarajasana
– Sirsasana – variations – Parsva Sirsasana; Parrivrta Eka Pada Sirsasana; Upa Vista Konasana; Baddha Konasana
– Ustrasana x 3
– Urdhva Danurasana x 3
– Salamba Sarvangasana
– Savasana
This was an extremely well crafted back bending class.
Geetaji shared at the beginning of the session that since we didn’t have chairs and some of the other props which we generally use to prepare for backbendings, she would be conducting the class accordingly.
Beginning with the arm movements, we created considerable mobility in the upper back and shoulders. With the prone backbends we created both heat in the body and length in the quads and groins, essential for keeping the length in the lumbar during the practice of backbends.
Doing Sirsasana after these fundamental backbends, allowed us to work the chest and shoulder blades more appropriately and access the strength in our legs because the groins were more open.
Then we went back to backbendings beginning with Ustrasana. Because of the previous asanas presented, both Ustrasana and Urdhva Danurasana seemed relatively easy. We did each pose 3 times followed by Salamba Sarvangasana and Savasana

After relaxing in Savasana, we continued to work Ujjayi both lying down and sitting. In sitting she continued to work on digital pranayama followed by Savasana.

The classical music concert was wonderful with Pt. Atulkumar Upadhye on violin and Pt. Mukesh Jadhav on tabla. At the end of the concert there was a very sweet connection between Geetaji and the musicians. The violin player’s father was Prashantji’s first violin teacher and Geetaji was sitting right up and center enjoying the music.

After the concert I got together with Liina and her husband Marcus. I met Liina several years ago while teaching in Helsinki. For the past couple of years they have come to my workshop at Yoga Am Bach in the Black Forest.
We ate at a hotel close to the venue. It was fun to catch up and I had by 2nd non Indian meal since I got to India in November 30, 2015 – a veggie burger, fries and ketchup!!!

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