December 6, 2015

Since the Orientation went from 4:00-6:00 pm, I went to visit my friends, Avinash and Bharati Lele in the Kamala Neru District of Pune. First they took me to an Ayurvedic Store. My primary reason for wanting to go there was to get Nir Dosh Ayurvedic cigarettes for Pat Layton. It turns out that they had a variety of herbal cigarettes Ayurvedic style and I bought some of all of them; kind of tempted to try one but figure I have enough smoke from the atmosphere going into my lungs. This store also had a range of Patanjali items; it seems that Patanjali is diversifying and is selling toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and soap and I now have a supply of sacred toiletry items.
Then we went to the Eye Doctor, a friend of the Leles and I got two sets of frames and lenses and a lovely pair of sun glasses for $65.00. What a deal!!

We then went back to the Leles’ house and had a tour of their organic roof from their grandson who is 5 years old. What a bright and sociable child – probably because of a minimum of electronic devices he has access to.
After a serious check out of the garden, had a delicious lunch prepared by Bharati. I am so impressed by these folks who continue to learn. The lunch was based on a combination of Ayurvedic wisdom and modern nutritional information. I can’t wait for them to do another cooking class at our house in San Francisco. the last time was too long ago.


In the afternoon we showed up at the site for Geetaji’s intensive orientation.
The presentation began with Guruji’s priest, Nataraj Shastri invoking the Purusha Sutra.
Then Geetaji gave a very inspiring talk about yoga.
Compared to other subjects, it is an inner learning. With many subjects, you have access to external sources such as colleges, books, etc. but with yoga you need to look inside.
The learning has to be approached in an organized manner and inner discipline is required.
The model is ethically based so it is imperative that we begin by studying the precepts – Yamas and Niyamas. She talked about how Guruji described the eight limbs of yoga as the eight petals of yoga and how each petal makes up the whole flower. The flower doesn’t bloom at once; it is a gradual process – the color and size of the petals changes until the flower is in full bloom. That is how we grow in yoga.
She talked about how the fear of death was one of the obstacles to progressing in our practice. You all like to celebrate birthdays but want to remain young.
Using the precepts as a foundation, changes the way we approach the formal practice – asana and pranayama.
It is important to develop ourselves so that the ego is not boosted.
The final three petals cannot be taught. Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi must be approached from the inside based on the learning we have already done.
I am giving a few points that spoke to me. The talk was extremely engaging and a great beginning to the course which begins tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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